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Unique pieces and small series, Vincent Devisscher offers you his collection of lighting made by hand in his workshop. Signature of a design on a human scale giving priority to the rare object.

Lighting is a fundamental element of interior decoration, it is a complement or substitute for natural light, which allows you to engage in various activities; it can be lighting a work space or a dark corner or mood lighting.
But it is also the way to create an atmosphere, because the subtle play of light and shadow softens and accentuates the decoration of a room.
It also allows you to highlight an architectural detail, objects or paintings. And the light fixture can be a decorative object in its own right.


Designer wall light for picture lighting
Art deco design wall light
art deco design wall light lighting

Ambient lighting essentially serves as a substitute for natural light; it is generally provided by a ceiling light or a pendant light. But you can also use wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps: these lights produce more pleasant lighting than a single light source.

applique design 50, mid century modern. Luminaire sur mesure. Applique bras orientable. Luminaire tendance 2024.
Design wall light headboard in master bedroom. Trendy bedside design wall light
LE MARAIS PARIS 3E - 80M² - AD Vanessa Faivre
Gold and black art deco design wall light

Vincent Devisscher offers a collection of designer aluminum lamps made in his workshop in France. In his collection Vincent offers art deco wall lights from the 1930s and designer wall lights inspired by the 50s. Customized lighting, artisanal lamps, designer lighting, designer living room lamp and modernist designer wall light

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